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Smart investing in the next generation of beverages.

Energy Drink

We focus on newcomers. Doing something different. 


Why Little Northside?

Because we share expertise as founders, innovators and operators and we understand how difficult this business can be.

Because of our unmatched network across manufacturing, distribution and retail. 

Capital. Counsel. Connections


About Me

dave website shot.heic


The co-founder of Spiked Seltzer, the world's first hard seltzer, launched a $6B+ category.

(Exit to ABInBev 2016)

An advisor and consultant to many craft alcohol and beverage companies, as well as private equity firms.

A Seasoned investor, formerly managed $500MM in capital to turnaround and distressed investments across multiple industries.


Accelerators of Success


Investing with a view to The Exit


The Capital Multiplier

Clinking Whiskey Glasses


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